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The Five Major Types of Lipstick Finishes

Five Major Types of Lipstick

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One of the first types of makeup was lipstick, and it is the ultimate in enhancing the good looks of your lips whether you opt for a subtle shade or over-the-top dramatic look.  In general, it is best to think of lipsticks in a huge array of types and styles if you are to choose the right options for your look. Getting a handle on the various textures and types of lipstick—and how they perform—is essential to wearing your chosen color with confidence. To have the perfect look, here’s a quick guide to the five major types of lipstick. 

1. Matte

Matte is a shine-free alternative to glossy lipsticks, conveying pure color and smooth, even texture. These have become some of the most purchased and sold finishes worldwide, due to their crazy pigmentation and promising bold colors. However, you have to have a steady hand with this lipstick, and you need to be super precise when applying it. Make sure you purchase a lipstick which features a rich color payoff, and make sure it is not cheap. Cheaper lipsticks often create dry patches or go uneven on the lips since they contain no moisture.  

2. Cream

Creamy lipsticks glide on easily and provide a perfect balance of texture with a hint of gloss. Very creamy and comfortable on the lips. Creamy lipsticks are somewhat long-wearing, but not as much as your favorite matte, satin, or liquid lipsticks.  While sheer lipstick is higher in oil, cream lipstick is higher in wax, giving it a greater degree of staying power. This type of lipstick is often nourishing with ingredients like vitamin E and aloe.

3. Satin

Stains are all about color with minimal shine. They’re also long-lasting, making them an excellent choice for days when you’re heading to work and then straight to dinner or drinks afterward. In general, lip stains are high-impact and low-maintenance, and create vibrant color that can be easily layered, either by itself for a deeper hue or your favorite nude gloss for a softer look. Satin lipsticks are one of the most used and produced kinds in the makeup industry. Satin lipsticks have an intense wear time, as well as an excellent color payoff. 

4. Sheer

One of the most classic lipstick formulas, sheer lipstick is a great choice for everyday wear. Since this style tends to be higher in oil content than other types, it’s less likely to dry out. Sheer coverage is usually something that women who love natural and soft makeup tend to ask for. Sheer lipsticks give out a simple day to day look, and are the perfect option for younger women, those that are at school, or any place where you are not allowed to wear as much makeup. Those who are afraid of color or who are beginners at makeup should strive for these lipsticks since they are very easy to handle. However, a good recommendation is to carry this lipstick with you since the color can come off easily, so you will need to redo it every couple of hours, but it is the perfect option for your daily activities.

5. Metallic

If you're a fan of sparkly makeup, look no further than metallic lipstick. These are attention-seeking. These are pigmented and can look high-end, as well. Metallic lipstick is super-glitzy, making it the perfect option for a night out on the town with your girlfriends. The shimmery quality of metallic lipstick also makes it a solid choice for the holiday season.